Hi there! I’m Andy Proctor.

I’m a happiness activist and the host of the More Happy Life podcast. I’m a published author and a social media professional. My writings on mindfulness, happiness and life purpose have been featured in both academic and religious publications. I have built and managed social media pages that have reached hundreds of millions of eyes. I’m on a mission to help you have a more happy life. How you ask? Well, I want to inspire you to take action for your own happiness and then be inspired to become a happiness activist as well! Together we can make the world a more happy place to live. But first, start with YOU! Are you truly happy? How happy are you? This is step one. Increase your own happiness. To help you with this, I have created lots of free resources as well as courses that you can take to educate yourselves and make your own happiness a priority in your own life! 

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