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“Everyday make a meaningful contribution in the life of one human being.”

Dr. Adam Moore

Today I interview the very knowledgable Dr. Adam Moore. We talk about how we go about making a change happen in our life. He relates changing to launching a rocket into space to escape the world’s gravity. The elements are:Institute a unique approach Believe and Hope that you actually can change. Create Traction with Small Wins and ritualize it so that it sticks Acknowledge and celebrate that you have made the change Make it social so you stick to the change

He also gives some key advice on how to be happier today:Find one or two people that you really connect with and invest in those people Everyday make a meaningful contribution in the life of one human being. 

This is a great episode. Don’t miss it!

My awesome guest Dr. Adam Moore:

Dr. Adam Moore
Dr. Adam Moore

Other places to find Adam:

Dr. Adam Moore’s Website

Adam On Instragram

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