How To Meet Your Highest Self with Doug Cartwright, Founder of The Daily Shifts

If you feel like you are not enough or that your life needs to change for you to be happier and healthier, Episode 120 is for you. In this episode I interview the founder of The Daily Shifts, Doug Cartwright. The Daily Shifts is an app that encourages you to engage with your mind and […]

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Rediscovering Self Worth Through a Children's Book with Rose Stanek

There was once a girl With a hole in her heart. Little Love was her name. Where was she to start? It was not of her doing. She was not to blame. But the hole in her heart Was there just the same. In this interview, Rose Stanek and I talk about how easy it […]

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Empowering People to Empower People with Louis Alloro, MAPP

How do you empower people to empower other people? The more I talk to people about positive psychology, the more I realize that the thing that most people want to know is how they can become a change agent themselves. In this episode, I interview Louis Alloro, a shining star in applied positive psychology who […]

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